Request Approval from a Recruiting Manager

How to Request Approval

Once you are satisfied with all the information in your job requisition entry, you must request approval of the requisition in order to move it to the next step, which is to convert the requisition into a job that candidates can apply for and which will have a unique job application URL.

As a recruiter, you must move the stage to Approval Requested.


Alternatively, you can also return to the Job Requisitions Tab, find your requisition, and open it.


From inside the Job Requisitions area, hit the Submit for Approval button.


Use this box to leave a message for the recruiting manager.

Hit Submit. This will move the requisition to the next stage: Approval Requested.

Note: Remember to hit SAVE after making this change, or the recruiting manager will NOT be notified.





Approval Requested


Once the requisition is moved to Approval Requested, the recruiting manager will receive an alert via an autogenerated email within the Salesforce system that a Job Requisition is ready for their review.





The recruiting manager will Approve the requisition, and it will convert to an open Job with a unique URL for the job application. Now, the hiring process can begin.



You can view the status of job requisitions by viewing the All Job Requisitions screen.


Once the Job Requisition is converted into a Job through Recruiting Manager approval, additional fields populate that will Recruiters manage the Job.


Management Advisory = Date the first Management Advisory was sent to Hiring Manager

Recruiting Strategy = Date the first Recruiting strategy was sent to Hiring Manager

Lead Generation = Date the recruiter posts/starts sourcing candidates

Pause Recruitment = Date Recruiting is paused

Pause Justification = Select reason for Pause

Restart Recruiting = Remove Pause and restart recruiting efforts

Hover over Capture12.PNGto see description of the field





The recruiting manager will Reject the requisition, and a job will not be created. The recruiter will receive a notification if a requisition has been rejected. In this case, the requisition will be returned to the recruiter cue for further action.

Return to the Job Requisitions Tab. Search for the requisition that needs to be updated and choose Edit. See Editing a Job Requisition