Filling Out Event Information

Create New Event

From the Event tab, click “New.”



Event Name

This is a required field and will be the Event title on the autogenerated Public-facing Event page.


Virtual Event

Click this option if the Event is being held virtually. If the Event is virtual, you do not need to enter any information about the venue.

Venue Street, City, State, and Zip Code

These details will create a pin on a Google Map on the public Event page.

Event Contact Name

This will autogenerate as you begin to type in a name. Note: the creator of the Event is not automatically listed as the Event Contact.

The Event Contact should be the primary Point of Contact for the Event. This could be external (for a national conference, for example) or internal (for a Digital Hiring Initiative).


There are four status stages for Events:

1. Draft

This is the stage where the Event is being created.

2. Active

Active indicates that the Event is ongoing. The associated URL can be actively used for marketing and promotional purposes, and the Event can be associated with registered candidates.

3. Completed

When an event is over, change the Status to “completed.”

4. Canceled

Indicates that an event has been canceled.

Event Start Date

This is a required field. Click the Calendar icon and chose the date.


The clock icon in the “Time” field opens a dropdown menu. NOTE: All times currently indicate Central time.


Event End Date

This is a required field. Enter the Event End Date and Time.

Registration Start Date

This indicates the time Candidates can begin to register for an event.

Registration End Date

This indicates the end of the registration period. The registration period can continue through the end of an event.


Add budget if available as it helps determine the ROI of an event.



This is a text box where you can enter all the information about the event. This will appear on the Public-facing Event page. The buttons at the top allow you to customize and format how the text appears. Note: Remove special characters when Cutting and Pasting into this field.

Event URL

This will be autogenerated by the system. This does not refer to an outside registration process.

Branding Image URL

The Branding Image is the banner image that appears on the Event Page. This is the only way to add an image to the Public-facing Event page. The branding image must already be uploaded to the internet.  You can copy and paste this URL from another event. Or you can add one to Salesforce Documents.

See…How to add a new Branding Image


The Branding Image must already be uploaded into Salesforce in order to be visible. See How to add a banner image

Event Type

Event type indicates what kind of Event it will be. When you click on the field you will be able to choose from the following options:

  • Career Fair
  • Classroom Presentation
  • Conference
  • Diversity Event
  • Information Session
  • On-Campus Interview
  • On-Site Interview
  • Networking Event
  • Online Application Portal
  • Club/Organization Event
  • Job Fair
  • Hiring Event
  • Outreach

Online Application Portal

This works like a virtual event or hiring initiative. It allows interested candidates to register and enter their information without being tied to a specific job.



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