Events are created by a Recruiter and contain information such as the event name, location, time and date of the event, open and close dates of candidate registration, position information, documentation needed for registration, and marketing and branding content. The creation of an event includes a unique URL for posting on social media and is used to market the event. The event URL allows candidates to register for the event and upload resumes and other employment documentation.

While events are created by Recruiters in Salesforce, they will enlist the help of our AFCS Marketing Personnel on all Marketing and Branding items/tasks that will be viewed by the public to maintain continuity and consistency.

Hiring Managers and Recruiters can view candidates who have registered through an event and can review resumes and employment documents to schedule interviews.

Events have three distinct pages associated with them:

1. Events within Salesforce – Where Recruiters and Hiring Managers can view event details and see associated candidates within Salesforce

2. Public-Facing Event Page – The unique URL that is generated when an event is created.

2. Event Registration Page – The registration page that is associated with the event where candidates input their information for consideration.