Step 6: Managing Individual Candidates – Stages

There are several different Stages a Job Application goes through, and it is vital that you carefully chose the most accurate one. Hiring Managers MUST manually move an application through the stages they are responsible for through choosing from the drop-down menu and saving the changes.

- Awaiting Recruiter Review: Recruiter needs to review the application to determine if it should be sent to Hiring Manager

- Hiring Manager Evaluation: Assigned to Hiring Manager and ready for review

- Resume Review: Hiring Manager has reviewed the resume. Initial Hiring Manager notes are added at this time.

- Interview: Hiring Manager has selected applicant for an interview. But sure to enter Interview Date and Time as well as any notes from the interview itself.

- Offer Submitted: Applicant was selected for position

- No Offer: If applicant was considered but not selected for position (more details here). If No Offer is selected, Hiring Manager MUST input the no offer reason.

- Closed: Applicant’s application is closed and dispositioned

- Not Qualified: Either Recruiter or Hiring Manager can determine if applicant does not meet the qualifications of the position

- Not a Good Fit: Either Recruiter or Hiring Manager can determine if applicant met some but not all requirements for position (an interview can determine this option as well)

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