When you have logged in to Salesforce, you will see the following Dashboard/Homepage.



Note: If you do not see the AFCS logo, STOP. What if I don’t see the AFCS Logo? How do I get to the right page? [This is an example of how tasks will be cross-references so as not to disrupt the flow of the step-by-step guide]

The tabs at the top of the pages can be reordered to suit your individual needs by “dragging and dropping.”

The blocks on the left of the screen (e.g., the Candidate Pool and Candidates Awaiting in the above image) correspond to views within the Candidates Tab at the top of the screen. Each block will have three items visible. The title of each block is a link; you can click it to enter that view in your full screen.


As a Hiring Manager, you will be looking at information in two primary areas: the Candidates and Job Applications tabs.

The Candidates tab shows all the applicants in the entire Salesforce Candidate pool. You can filter the Candidates by Occupation, Geographic Location, etc.

The Job Applications tab allows you to see (filter) Candidates by the specific job they have applied for.