No Offer

If you decide to NOT move forward with a Candidate, choose No Offer.



There are several reasons to move forward with a Candidate. The No Offer Reason will stay in the Candidate’s profile and might offer valuable insight on the next search.

Choose from the following No Offer Reason options:

Selected Another Candidate:  Applicant considered but not selected for position

Candidate Withdrawal – Found another opportunity:  Candidate turned down offer due to pursuing another opportunity

Candidate Withdrawal – Pay:  Candidate turned down offer due to salary offered

Candidate Withdrawal – No Relocation:  Candidate turned down offer because no relocation cost provided

Other:  Any other reason Candidate was either not selected or withdrew application.  Annotate reason in Hiring Manager Notes below

When the No Offer status is implemented, both you and the Recruiter associated with the Candidate will receive a form email like the one below.

This email will also include the reason no offer was submitted, in this case, because another Candidate was selected.



If you decide to move forward with a Candidate, there are several fields that can help you manage the Stage of the Job Application.



The Job Applications tab shows the different stages of the Candidates.