Reviewing Your Candidates

The recruiter assigned to your job will perform a preliminary review of the Candidates who have applied to the job or been associated with your job because they are already in the Candidate pool and have been discovered and reviewed by your recruiter and determined to be a top Candidate. Your recruiter will either dismiss a Candidate (returning them to the general pool) or send them on for further evaluation by you, the Hiring Manager.

When a recruiter has moved a Candidate forward for further evaluation by you, their status will change, and you will receive an email notification that they are ready for your review.


You can then go into Salesforce and search for that Candidate and their supporting documents (resume, transcripts, etc.).

The Candidate profile is where you can review each individual Candidate.

This profile is accessible in several ways: from the Job Applications tab, the Candidates tab, or when a particular Candidate is sent to your attention by a recruiter. In fact, anywhere you see a name highlighted, you can click through to the Candidate Profile.