Recruiters are responsible for searching for candidates to fulfill open jobs by performing functions of creating activities (emails, calls, tasks, etc.), creating job requisitions, and managing job applications. Recruiters screen candidates’ resumes and determine qualifications before moving the candidate forward to a Hiring Manager for consideration. A recruiter can also search the candidate pool for qualified candidates and invite the candidate to apply to a specific job or requisition.


Requisitions are built by a recruiter based on a Hiring Manager’s request for TA recruiting assistance. Requisitions are then submitted for approval to the recruiting manager. Approval of the requisition by a recruiting manager creates a Job. The creation of a Job includes a unique URL to be used on Social Media postings. The Job URL takes a candidate to an application page where they will fill out their information and upload a resume and other employment documentation. When the candidate submits their application, it is captured in Salesforce as a Job application.

Job Applications

The job applications are first reviewed by a recruiter for qualifications, and qualified candidates are moved to the Hiring Manager for review and disposition.

      • Notification is auto-prompted to the recruiter and recruiting manager for status change on candidate approval


Events are created by a Recruiter and contain information such as the event name, location, time and date of the event, open and close dates of candidate registration, position information, documentation needed for registration, and marketing and branding content. The creation of an event includes a unique URL for posting on social media and is used to market the event. The Event URL allows candidates to register for the event and upload resumes and other employment documentation. Hiring Managers and Recruiters have visibility of these candidates through the Candidate Pool and can review resumes and employment documents to schedule interviews. The event registration URL automatically tracks candidate registrations; Recruiters convert registrants to “attendees.”