Hiring Manager Training

A step-by-step guide for Hiring Managers of the process they must complete to fill a job using AFCS Salesforce.


Step 1: Prior to Salesforce Action

Step 2: Receive a Salesforce License

When the Talent Acquisition team receives your request through MyPers, it will begin a review. Th...

Step 3: Login

Step 4: Navigating the Homepage – Dashboard and Relevant Tabs

Salesforce offers many different ways to order, navigate, and customize the views of the informat...

Step 5: Review Candidates

Step 6: Managing Individual Candidates – Stages

There are several different Stages a Job Application goes through, and it is vital that you caref...

Step 7: Initiate Hiring Protocols

Once you have completed the process in Salesforce and changed the status of a Candidate to Select...

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