Candidate Profile

From this page, you can see all the information related to this Candidate in order to evaluate them.



Along the top of the page is a quick view of where the Candidate is in the process. In this instance, the Candidate is in the New stage.



Below are the tabs that allow you to access more information.



From the Files tab, you can download resumes and other documents associated with a Candidate. Click on any of the highlighted documents to download them.



When you click on a file, the following screen will appear. Click the Download button at the top.


A file window will appear.

Choose a file location based on your preferences and Save.


The file will also appear at the bottom of your browser window.


To close this view, click the ‘X’ in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.


Another way to manage a Candidate is the Job Applications tab at the top of your Dashboard. On the right side of each record is an arrow. The Edit button will get you to the page where you can take Step 6: Managing Individual Candidates.



The drop-down menu circled allows you to manage Candidates.


After reviewing an applicant’s resume, you must update the Stage of their Application.

Within the Candidate’s profile, you can see all the positions the Candidate has applied to.


Identify the Job you are filling and Edit to manage the specific Job Application.


From this screen, you will move the Candidate through the Stages of the Job Application process.